Couple married on the beach sunset

Weddings in Antigua

Getting Married in Paradise – Most hotels offer special wedding packages which remove all the stress from planning your special event. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your day. Some even provide a web-cam service so that your friends (and the world), can watch you on the internet. The hotels also offer Antigua Honeymoon Deals for those just married at home. If you are coming out to marry, or suddenly feel the romantic urge to do so when you're here, nothing could be easier to arrange. Read more below...

The Perfect Location

For the Wedding of your Dreams!

With the islands’ natural beauty there are a host of stunning locations for you to choose from for your ceremony. Most hotels have special, flower covered gazebos in exotic gardens overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Or, you could choose a perfect white sand beach, the romantic viewpoint of Shirley Heights or even take your vows on the deck of a yacht at sea. Whatever you choose you can be sure that the best day of your life will be all you’ve ever dreamed of!

Typical hotel wedding packages are likely to include some of the following basics:

  • License & certificate
  • Bride’s & bridesmaid’s bouquet
  • Posy’s and buttonholes
  • Floral arrangements
  • Wedding arch or other decorations
  • Wedding cake (sponge, light fruit or local black cake)
  • Sparkling wine/champagne
  • Photographer
  • Video (NTSC system so need to convert)
  • Steel Band
  • Live Band
  • Transport
  • Hairdresser
  • Sunset Cruise
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Legal requirements for getting married in Antigua are:

Visit the Ministry of Justice with your passport, complete the marriage application and pay the applicable fee. Confirm the date and time for the ceremony with the Marriage Officer... that’s it!

The following Original Documents are required from both parties:

• Passports and airline tickets
• If divorced, original or notarized copy of Decree Absolute
• If widowed, original Death Certificate of deceased spouse
• Deed poll or notarized proof of name change where name differs on documents
• Persons under 18 years must have documented consent from a parent or legal guardian


If you have the right paperwork, both partners must attend the Ministry of Justice in St John’s to complete the wedding application and pay the fee. Then it’s just a question of choosing where and when. The Ministry of Justice is located on Parliament Drive in St John’s. It’s open from 8.30am – 4.30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 8am -3pm on Fridays. Marriage ceremonies can take place on a beach, on a yacht or at a hotel.


Applicants under 18 require written authorization from parents or guardians. It is important that all documents presented are original or certified as original by the issuing departments or offices. Ensure that all documents are in your legal name, and provide Affidavits in cases where you are known by another name. Your marriage must also be solemnized or celebrated in the presence of two or more witnesses, apart from the Marriage Officer. (Just ask a guest or two to do this for you).


Do think about the time of day that you choose, and what you are going to be wearing. Is it practical or comfortable to choose a rainforest setting if you have your heart set on full blown traditional attire and high heels? What about your guests? Does getting sand in your shoes bother you? Most weddings take place in late afternoon to avoid the heat and for the photos against the sunset.

Contacts which you may find useful:

Marriage Registrar
Registrar's Division
Queen Elizabeth Highway
St Johns, Antigua
Tel: (268) 462-3744
Tel from Overseas: 1 268 462 3929

Copies of your Marriage Certificate are available at a cost of EC$25.
If you are overseas and need a marriage license - you will need to call the office directly and they will give you instructions for how to apply. You will need to provide the following information - the Groom's name, the Bride's maiden name, place of marriage (Hotel etc), and date of marriage.

Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

Parliament Drive
St Johns, Antigua
Tel: (268) 562-0381 / 462-0017
Ask for the Marriage Coordinator>
She can organize submission of all relevant paperwork and can issue marriage licenses.